If You Are a Self-Insured Employer, Here’s Why You Need Stop Loss

If you have read our blog posts, by now you know that stop-loss insurance is a layer of protection that prevents absorbing the costs of abnormally high or catastrophic claims. Fully insured plans typically come with fees that can be completely avoided by having self-insurance. There are risks that come with self-insuring, however. That’s where…

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How Employers Can Help Manage Chronic Conditions

When it comes to predicting and maintaining the budgets of healthcare for businesses, one of the biggest challenges in doing so is finding the right way to encourage employees/ members to manage their chronic conditions while containing the costs. One of the most prevalent pre-existing and chronic conditions in the U.S. is type 2 diabetes…

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Top 3 Most Important Employee Benefits

It’s no secret that attracting and keeping the best talent in your industry means more than just offering potential employees competitive salaries. For the majority of today’s workforce, a quality benefits package is one of the most important aspects of whether they’re happy at their jobs and how long they stay there.  The employers with…

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How Does Stop-Loss Insurance Reduce the Risks of Self-Funding?

By now, it’s no secret that self-funded health insurance in the workplace is gaining popularity due to the need for increased healthcare options and savings for companies. Of course, along with self-funded healthcare come added risks. Each employer is different, and whether an individual employer needs stop-loss insurance depends on a number of different factors. …

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