Self Funded Health Plans

As healthcare premiums continue to increase, and employee needs increasingly diversify, the majority of employers seem to be searching for options. A self-funded or level-funded health plan can be attractive to employers in a variety of different reasons, the most of which is saving on claims and ensuring a higher level of financial security. What…

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What is Risk Management in Healthcare

Risk Management in Healthcare is as crucial as it is unique. No matter what the industry, every business has a protocol in place to minimize risks. In addition, they help increase things like employee safety and morale. In healthcare, the field deals primarily with the lives, safety, and wellbeing of patients. This gives healthcare risk…

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Stop Loss Insurance

As a self-insured employer, you know that self-funded healthcare plans come with benefits and risks. How can stop loss insurance protect your business, and do you really need it? What types of companies take out stop loss insurance? Is there contract terminology associated with medical stop loss? Read on if you’re still on the fence…

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Self Funded Health Insurance Plans – What are They and How Can They Help?

In the constantly changing world of healthcare, employers are seeing premium costs increase steadily, so many of these employers seek out options to cut insurance expenses. One of these options is to use a self-funded health insurance plan. Rather than purchasing a traditional fully insured healthcare plan from a large carrier, the employer covers employee…

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What Is Precision Medicine

The future of many industries is fascinating and highly promising. Of course, health care is no different when it comes to cutting edge treatments and technologies. One of the most exciting emerging areas of healthcare is called precision medicine or personalized medicine. Precision Medicine Defined According to the Precision Medicine Initiative, precision medicine is “an…

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