What Is Precision Medicine

The future of many industries is fascinating and highly promising. Of course, health care is no different when it comes to cutting edge treatments and technologies. One of the most exciting emerging areas of healthcare is called precision medicine or personalized medicine. Precision Medicine Defined According to the Precision Medicine Initiative, precision medicine is “an…

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Can Prodigy Help Your Business?

In business and in life, there is no way to predict a catastrophic loss. The best we can do is taking proper precautions to ensure minimal damage should something catastrophic happen. When it comes employer-funded healthcare, Managing General Underwriters that provide Medical Stop Loss coverage can help minimalize damage and protect employers in a medical…

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Medical Stop Loss – What Does it Mean?

Medical stop-loss insurance, also known as excess coverage insurance, intends to provide protection against catastrophic or unpredictable losses for self-funded employers. If a self-funded plan has a more significant claim than its deductible, the stop-loss policy reimburses the excess amount of the loss coverage. Deductibles are limits set in the policy, and in case the…

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What is Medical Stop-Loss Insurance?

In the broadest sense, medical stop-loss insurance, which is also known as excess insurance, is coverage that provides protection in the event of a catastrophic or unpredictable loss. This form of insurance is sought after by employers who have made the decision to use their own funds to pay for their employees’ benefit plans. Essentially,…

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