Beware of Miscommunication

Contributions by John Youngs June edition of The Self Insurer   John Youngs, CEO of Prodigy Health Insurance Services, contributed his thoughts to the Level-Funded article in the latest issue of The Self Insurer. Youngs highlights the challenges that accompany level funding which can include the concept not being properly disclosed and the possibility of […]

Feeling the Spirit: Concierge Case Management Session at HCAA

CEO of Prodigy Health Insurance Services, John Youngs, moderated the Concierge Case Management: Empowering Patients and Impacting Plans session at HCAA’s Executive Forum. During this panel, Youngs was accompanied by Sally-Ann Polson, CEO of Medwatch, and Casey Billington, COO of Concierge Nurse Navigators, where they collaborated on the impact of concierge case management and how […]

Prodigy Announces Marc F. Spellane as Director of Sales

ELK GROVE, CA – <March 14, 2022> Prodigy Health Insurance Services is pleased to welcome Marc F. Spellane as the Director of Sales. Spellane brings an innovative approach to Prodigy where he will focus his time on broker distribution and the marketing of our level-funded health plan, Integrated Health Solutions. Integrated Health Solutions is an […]

Prodigy Announces Thomas D. Cardwell as Director of Stop Loss Sales

ELK GROVE, CA – <March 10, 2022> Prodigy Health Insurance Services is thrilled to welcome Thomas (Tom) D. Cardwell as the Director of Stop Loss Sales. In this role, Cardwell will focus on Prodigy’s promise to deliver quality healthcare at an affordable price by overseeing the sale and administration of stop-loss sales through Prodigy’s TPA […]

Prodigy Acquires Benefits Captive Orien Re

ELK GROVE, CA – <January 24, 2022> Prodigy Health Insurance Services, a full-service MGU headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, has through its parent acquired all outstanding shares of benefits captive cell Orien Re. The new acquisition will help launch a group stop loss captive program leading to long-term cost stability for participating employers. Working closely […]

Prodigy Academic Scholarship Program

ELK GROVE, CA Prodigy Health, a full-service MGU headquartered in the Pacific Northwest, has introduced a new scholarship program dedicated to helping students pursue their goals both inside the classroom and beyond. “We strive to support students who have strong academic values but may have had to endure less than ideal circumstances in life,” said […]