5 Changes to Workplace Healthcare Due to the Pandemic

healthcare due to pandemic
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many challenges to workplace healthcare – from layoffs and furloughs, to pay cuts, remote working to observing social distancing, to how to handle employees who come down with the virus. Despite this, many employers who can afford to do so have been expanding the benefits packages they offer their employees. The pandemic has been challenging for everyone, but these changes to workplace healthcare benefits packages have been helping employees deal with challenges. 


    Telemedicine had been gaining popularity even before the pandemic lockdowns happened, but they increased dramatically in spring 2020. The pandemic caused medical providers to shift to telehealth services, as well as programs such as Medicaid and Medicare granting permission to beneficiaries to use telemedicine services. This drastic shift in the way we get our healthcare services likely won’t end when the pandemic finally does. In fact, it will probably only continue to evolve as we get more accustomed to the new normal. 

    Flexible Time Off

    Parents with school-aged children have had to evolve with the times and get their students on a virtual learning program. This has caused many parents to opt for some homeschooling as well as the need to accommodate their children who are now at home full-time. Additionally, many employers have been increasing their paid time off programs because work-from-home employees have been taking less time off.

    Mental Health Services

    It’s no secret that COVID-19 has been causing a massive increase in mental health conditions. We have been losing so much sleep, that mental health professionals have a name for it: coronasomnia. There has also been a drastic uptick in anxiety due to personal issues caused by COVID-19. Employers are adding mental health services to help employees deal with pandemic-driven issues. 

    Remote Staff Performance Incentives

    Employers have been getting creative with work-from-home rewards for employees who perform well while working remotely. Employers are offering gift cards for DoorDash or UberEats, as well as more comfortable and ergonomic office chairs. Other employers are offering credits for booking virtual events like painting classes, glass blowing, and home cooking lessons, and barista-inspired master classes on how to brew the best coffee from home. 

    Virtual Wellness and Team-Building 

    Many employers are offering virtual events like martial arts and fitness classes, complimentary tickets to virtual industry-specific conferences, and so on. Other employers are getting creative with virtual ways to build morale – like Zoom call happy hours and remote company movie nights.

    Prodigy Can Help

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