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Employee Benefits
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    It’s no secret that attracting and keeping the best talent in your industry means more than just offering potential employees competitive salaries. For the majority of today’s workforce, a quality benefits package is one of the most important aspects of whether they’re happy at their jobs and how long they stay there. 

    The employers with the best health benefits invest in the longevity and wellbeing of their employees and have an understanding of how their employees behave heath-wise. Employers develop healthcare programs around these behaviors, which in turn provides continued sustainability. Here are the three most important employee benefits that the top talent is looking for.

    Fitness and Nutrition Incentives 

    Today’s adult spends close to 50 hours a week sitting, and only about a third of all American adults get their necessary recommended exercise per week. And that sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on the human body – especially if your employees work in a sit-down office environment. 

    If you are committed to the health of your employees, you should really consider encouraging them to exercise. Giving them a nudge and incentives healthcare wise is a great way to inspire a workplace culture of fitness. Some of these programs and classes include reimbursements for gym memberships, smoking cessation, meal prep, and even on-site fitness centers. Employers who offer these lifestyle incentives benefit in the end as healthy employees file fewer claims!

    Flexible Schedules

    One of the biggest changes in today’s workplace is flexible schedules, and employees are looking for the best positions that allow for their work schedules to be flexible. These flexible schedules include telecommuting or even the ability to work from home and flexible hours of business. Additionally, a flexible schedule can include workweeks that are 3 days instead of 5, but maybe 10-11 hours a day instead of 8.

    From an employer’s perspective, perhaps the best aspect of adopting flexible schedules for your employees is the fact that it won’t affect your budget much at all. Allowing your employees to have flexible schedules can greatly improve their morale, performance, and productivity with little or even no added cost to you as an employer. Some employers often don’t even think about flexible schedules being a part of a benefits package, but it can make a huge difference in your workplace. 

    Mental Health Support

    One of the most underserved aspects of employee benefits packages right now is that of mental health support. About one-third of modern American workers suffer from some kind of mental illness – with the majority of those being anxiety and depression disorders. 

    An attractive and important employee benefit is mental health support, which includes a workplace culture that removes the stigma and shame attached to mental health – encouraging everyone at your organization to get the help they need if they do need it. Physically fit employees perform at their best, and the exact same holds true when it comes to their mental health. As humans, our brains are our most important resource, and it’s imperative that you as the employer take care of your employees that need mental health support. 

    Adding these benefits to your existing packages won’t cost much, but can make a world of a difference when it comes to attracting and keeping the right talent for your business or organization. If you have any questions about adding these benefits to your self-funded healthcare plan, and its impact on your stop-loss insurance, don’t hesitate to call the experts here at Prodigy.

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    A free consultation that can save you money!

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