Beware of Miscommunication

Contributions by John Youngs

June edition of The Self Insurer


John Youngs, CEO of Prodigy Health Insurance Services, contributed his thoughts to the Level-Funded article in the latest issue of The Self Insurer. Youngs highlights the challenges that accompany level funding which can include the concept not being properly disclosed and the possibility of employers being misled if it is deemed as anything other than self-funding.

Youngs conclusions appear as a cautionary tale for employers as he emphasizes the likeliness of miscommunication in a space that thrives on transparency. “Mindful of how self-insured programs evolve, level funding is a great carrot to lure fully insured employers to self-insurance, and in the process, be schooled on the important elements of ERISA and how self-funded plans operate,” says Youngs.

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