Feeling the Spirit: Concierge Case Management Session at HCAA

CEO of Prodigy Health Insurance Services, John Youngs, moderated the Concierge Case Management: Empowering Patients and Impacting Plans session at HCAA’s Executive Forum. During this panel, Youngs was accompanied by Sally-Ann Polson, CEO of Medwatch, and Casey Billington, COO of Concierge Nurse Navigators, where they collaborated on the impact of concierge case management and how it leads to actual savings and improved outcomes. Youngs, Polson, and Billington discussed their various takes on the future of chronic and large case management and strategies for success.

“Our organization is about affecting change in healthcare: how we spend, how we consume, and how we pay for it,” said Youngs. When you choose Concierge Case Management with Prodigy’s Integrated Health Solutions, members will receive a single, trusted care navigator that will remain with them throughout the entire continuum of care.

We hope everyone who attended left the session feeling empowered and more knowledgeable. If you did not attend the Concierge Case Management Session at HCAA, we invite you to connect with Prodigy to learn more about how we can help you empower patients and positively impact plans.

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